Business outline

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Rental dart Store consulting Dart bar administration

Do you have a problem with store administration?

First one hour consultation for free! Do you not have a problem with store administration and pulling in customers?

We do lease, sale of dart in Kanto area and game console, restaurant management, trust, store consulting service of restaurant.
We add added value to rental fee of industry side row and provide by incorporating store consulting as well as dart rental.
In addition, we spread service to customer that introduction of dart stand is examined by adopting returned goods reception desk service even from the next month of dart stand which we cannot imitate in other companies to start introduction of dart stand with low risk

Indication of price

Company name Smart is active Store name LOOP (loop)
Phone number 03-3252-0310 FAX number 03-3252-0310
Sales representative Keiichiro Kato Cell phone number 090-8816-9691
Address 3-1-2, Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku Meiji building 2F Inquiry method Inquiry is possible from this ※Or, over telephone, please refer directly

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