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SPACE CAFE DINER amusement & dart bar

LOOP featured the theme of spaceship in Akihabara! Maid & amusement dart bar! The shop reflecting the image of spaceship! Amuse including dart and large monitor is varied! As for the amusement time, sexy space girls perform meeting!

☆ There is DARTSLIVE 2, DARTSLIVE phoenix S karaoke slot, large size monitor! Watching sports is OK, too!
☆It is DARTSLIVE in sofa private room! Karaoke ♪ Large monitor ♪ PS3 ♪ PC ♪ Automatic mahjong ♪ It is fun with nado enhancement.
One is counter ☆Group is table ☆Group is private room and reservation ☆As you do business until the middle of the night, please come to play!
It is available by private room (4 to 13 persons) half reservations (14 to 19 persons) reservations (20 to 40 persons).
★Space that is unrealistic apart from the urban noise in Akihabara! ★!

■ Amusement & dart bar DAY

[from Monday to Thursday] From 18:00 to 24:00 [gold, days before holidays] 18:00 ... 5:00 [regular holiday], the following day beginning of the year existence   ☆On Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays, we are doing business as maid & dart bar!

☆Official MIXI community

☆Official Twitter
(when as we do today's mutter guerrilla service, we respond ・・!)

COUPON & SERVICE coupon & service

☆ 10% are off from the eating and drinking check.
☆Dart & karaoke free service. (customer of use of party pack)
☆Dart play once service
☆Fireworks cocktail service extra-large on birthday. (we OK birth days)
*We apply customer of the use after 2000 yen or more per person. Combination of service is impossible. First customer-limited.
*Please choose favorite service. This page is printed, or please show with cell-phones.


★Every Tuesday service event! From 18:00 to 24:00
  All-you-can-drink! We are free to throw, and is dart advantageous for what and 1,200 yen per person for one hour?
*We do not hold service event in holiday, days before holidays, December.


■ Dart

It is 1*1 DARTSLIVE, *1 hardware in 2*1 DARTSLIVE, phoenix S *1 private room
Happy time! Every day all time!
... 701, CRICKET 100 yen!

★Under strap present original in score and award!
☆It is pleasant for dart to do with the woman staff noisily! As dart sweat shirt is registered, exercise is possible seriously, too!
★Dart is free to throw! Karaoke is free to sing! Game pack (30 minutes) is 250 yen per person of this. Four people ...
[dart game explanation]
★We count up and play a game
It is game adding triple throw (eight rounds) score in Round 1.
★01 game 301
We reduce one round of triple throw (ten rounds) score and are game to be obtained more at point zero.
We close seven decided numbers, and one round of triple throw (15 rounds) is game to compete for score.
There are other various games. Please in beginner casually
☆We sell dart accessories in shop!
100 yen

■ Karaoke

We provide karaoke other than DARTSLIVE and monitor how in private room!
Watching sports becomes lively, too! (in the private room four people - 13 people)
*Dart is all time happi coat hours every day!
★Dart is free to throw! Karaoke is free to sing! There is game pack of this, too.
Four people ... for 30 minutes of 250 yen per person
*We come with karaoke at the time of reservations in hall.
250 yen

■ Other games

★Turbo gold rush slot★
*We can change from menu with the number of medals.
100 yen


We can lend as rental space.
Please use for events such as shooting or mini-live!

■ From Monday to Thursday

One hour 10,000 yen (tax/service charge included)

■ Friday, Saturday and Sunday, holiday, days before holidays, December, New Year holidays, special day

One hour 12,000 yen (tax/service charge included)

■ Free facilities tableware

Tableware / Glass / Refrigerator (nothing) / Rice cooker (nothing) / Oven (nothing) / Three shares of gas rings / Fryer (nothing) for fried food  
Large monitor (nothing) / Play Station 3 / PC (nothing)
All automatic mahjong (nothing) / Microphone set (one set) / DVD player (nothing) / CD player (nothing) / Smartphone player
Power supply, outlet / Trash box

■ Paid facilities

・VS phoenix S
※For each 100 yen ...

※ It is outside tax-excluded road 10% of service charges.
※ inshokubutsujikomikano.
※ We can rent including preparations, putting in order from three hours.
※ There is not elevator.
※ There is not microwave oven.
※ The principle staff goes down counter kitchen. In the case of work hope, please consult in customers.
※ 1 to 2 persons are resident the staff (they can help with simple preparations putting in order)
※ Please usually refrain from dirt and bad smell, instrument damage, mass garbage, noise that it is hard to get by cleaning. Cleaning charges may be caused.
※ Cancellation costs 30% cancellation fee for two days.
  It costs 50% cancellation fee the day before.
  On the day it costs 100% cancellation fee.
※ Others, please feel free to contact.

■ Instructions

*Please refrain from strong spray and smoke, smell of fragrance remaining.
*When layout is changed in the room, please go back up for the cause before it is left the room.
*Garbage which was brought in to garbage bag. After use, we tidy and ask a simple favor by cleaning.
*Please take all the things that customer had you bring in home with you.
[, as for the garbage, only as for the burning garbage, free to one bag of (45L).]
It is 300 yen about one bag (45L) of addition. Perception plastic one bag (45L) 300 yen.
It is 50 yen per bottle and one breakable (approximately 30cm around *30cm).
Glass or dish are one 300 yen ...
Others are osodan per regular rate.
*Dishes, drink
Dishes and drink are available for 500 yen - offer. In the case of order, please consult beforehand a lot. As for the ice, please see 1KG 300 yen, etc. normal menu.
*Extension is unit for 30 minutes
*We accept cleaning, current situation recovery oha 3,000 yen ...

■ Cancellation rule

14 days ago ... eight days ago: 25%
Seven days ago ... four days ago: 50%
Three days ago ... two days ago: 75%
One day ago ... day: 100%

[customer of use of corporation]
※As sales halving systems are available, in the case of the corporation-like use, please feel free to contact events.

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